Doron Giat’s cymbal line consists of 13 different cymbals that offer a sweet, clean sound, that is extremely responsive and modern sounding. The cymbals are designed to fit every musical situation – from Jazz, Funk and Latin, to Rock and Fusion, from the studio to the stage and outdoors. The cymbals are light in weight and characterized in a smooth pleasant sound and a cool splashy spark at first touch. Clean and explosive at the same time. Each cymbal is very versatile and has a significant stick definition.

  • Hi-Hats (13”, 14”, 15”)
    13” - light and clean sparkling sound, more of a Fusion/Funk /Jungle hi-hat.
    - rich and solid with a perfect middle range sound, great for recordings and fits all styles of playing.
    15” - juicy and fat, low-end pitch, a kind of a retro to Art Blakey and John Bonham’s legendary hi-hats.

  • Splashes (6”, 8”, 10”) – Sparkling sound, bright and explosive.
  • Crashes (15”,16”,17”,18”) – Thin crashes, low pitch, great volume, very clean, but with a spark.
  • Ride (21”) – The perfect combination of nice sustain and a very clean tone, the edge feels like a good big crash cymbal, the bow has a stick definition, the bell really shines.
  • Flat Ride (20”) – Extremely clean and dry, amazing stick sound and definition.
  • O-Zone (18”) – An extraordinary sound effect, crunchy and pleasant to the ear, very responsive, even for percussionists that play with the hand, trashy and very clean at the same time.

Doron Giat Signature Series

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