Stick Definition

Seriously Claims Your Attention!

From master hands tonally framed into most aspired vintage sounds of 1960 s, and in such a total aesthetic charm!

20th Anniversary Series now stands here to complement celebration of our happy moment for the establishment of Bosphorus Factory in 1996. Using 1900's exact alloy formula like every other famous series of Bosphorus, it adds definitely fresh options to our rich existing sound palette.

It is a comeback of old school sound for those sensitive ears who love & insist on living in vintage, and nostalgic tones of 60’S. The charming look, with its dark greyish color and antique appearance, actually complements the design purpose such that overall it offers to achieve very refined tones by suppressing excessive surface waves and overtones. This yields very clean and focused stick sound, in warm and dark tones from low to medium loud styles, to cater your old-school penchants, from jazz to fusion.

Available now with variants in HiHats (13”, 14”), in Crashes (16”, 17”, 18”), in Rides (20”, 21”, 22”)